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7 Twitter Users to Follow if You Use Email Marketing

Although many marketers try to put all their focus on social media advertising, industry leaders understand that email marketing is still essential. It provides countless benefits that simply cannot be obtained through other marketing strategies. If you’re using email marketing, following these experts on Twitter can help you focus your strategy. Simms Jenkins @SimmsJenkins Simms…

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How to Increase Email Opt-In Rates on Your WordPress Site

To increase the number of email opt-ins generated by your WordPress site, you can either increase traffic or improve opt-in rates. While boosting traffic can be unpredictable, even a small increase in opt-in rates can help grow your email list. Collecting emails using a plugin like SendPress means you can engage and monetize subscribers multiple…

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The 5 Worst Mistakes Businesses Make with Email Marketing and Newsletters

Whether in the business world or trying to promote an event, email marketing is one of the strongest tools available. This is evidenced by the fact that every dollar spent on email marketing shows an average return of $44.25. Unfortunately, not all marketers are getting these results, largely due to these email marketing mistakes. Not…

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Keeping Your WordPress Readers Engaged With Email Marketing

When used correctly, email marketing can support the efforts of your WordPress site. If you are interested in engaging your WordPress readers with email marketing, then take a look at these tips for writing great newsletters and other email content. Understand Your Audience SendPress allows you to send different newsletters to different sections of your…

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Benefits of Business e-Newsletters

In today’s digital age, email is an important part of business, whether you’re attracting new clients, responding to customer inquiries or interacting with colleagues. Email also allows you to reach out to potential and current customers in engaging and creative ways. e-Newsletters are a smart way to build your business’ network and communicate with clients,…

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