Announcing Custom Fields Version 2 for SendPress Pro

Last year we released custom fields as an update to SendPress and SendPress Pro, but it wasn’t the full set of features we wanted. Our first attempt offered a total of ten fields but offered limited additional options. Our customers wanted more and we listened with the Custom Fields version 2 release. Announcing Custom Fields…

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SendPress Mandrill Quick Start Guide

This QuickStart guide for Mandrill will guide you through creating a new Mandrill account and connecting it to SendPress.  Mandrill is one of the best options for sending with SendPress because of the integrated bounce handling, great performance and their fantastic pricing which allows you to send 12,000 messages per month for free. To get…

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SendPress Pro Adds 1-Click Mandrill Sending

We are excited to announce that we have recently added support for Mandrill sending to SendPress Pro. It may surprise you to know that Mandrill powers MailChimp sending but you don’t need a MailChimp account to use it. Enter SendPress Pro! Once you activate Mandrill from the pro tab, there will be new options added under Sending Account,…

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