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Short Code Short Cuts

Did you know that SendPress supports all sorts of short codes? We have short codes for newsletter signups and managing your subscription for example. Short codes are one of the best ways to make life easier when managing your WordPress site. But my favorite short code is [sp-recent-posts]. It’s been there for a long time.…

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Announcing WP Email Delivery

Isn’t it fantastic that your WordPress e-newsletter provider (yay, SendPress!) lets you seamlessly communicate with your followers, integrate your content, customize your look and feel, and analyze your results? We asked ourselves what would make those great features even better and listened to our customers who resoundingly said they wanted reliable and fast email delivery with…

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SendPress vs Constant Contact: Pricing Showdown

This is part 1 in an ongoing series highlighting the benefits of SendPress compared with Constant Contact. Stay tuned for more great reasons to make SendPress your WordPress newsletter provider! Today, in order to grow your following, or your business, you have to communicate in all the right ways and all the right places. And…

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SendPress: THE Choice for Your WordPress Newsletter

Have you been sending e-newsletters for a while and looking to step up your game? Do you want a little more out of your provider, like advanced reports and spam testing? Are you tired of being charged more simply because of your success at growing your subscriber list? Wouldn’t you like to have the ability…

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